• Self Defense Classes for Women

    Ladies, a post just for you today. When it comes to our safety in today’s world, consider participating in self defense classes for women. You can find excellent classes and instructors in your area by searching through the telephone book, researching online, and asking your friends and associates for referrals to the best facilities. Self

  • MMA Classes for Kids

    There are many opportunities to provide fitness programs and activities for your children. One great way to get kids involved is by signing them up for MMA classes for kids in your neighborhood. Contrary to some belief, MMA Classes for kids are built upon a strong theory of respect for the instructors, the other students,

  • Martial Arts CT

    Thousands of years ago, martial arts were taught to only the most fearless and determined fighters and armies of the East. Today, martial arts is fast becoming one of the most sought after and demanded fitness programs in the West. If you live in Connecticut and are wondering if there are martial arts programs in