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Our primary goal is to empower our students, regardless of what their training goals are. We aim to strengthen the mind, body and spirit of our students through the practicing of Martial Arts. We hope to provide each and ever one of our students with the fundamentals and tools to improve their self-confidence, health, and fitness.

The TMA commitment to our students continues throughout your visits to the facility and long after as our top quality instruction and training for all students (of all ages) is what sets us apart. All are welcome here! Children and women will find a safe and supportive environment where they may find their needs properly addressed and appropriate instruction that will enhance their comfort level both inside and out of our academy. Our academy is where we see countless students learn, develop, and excel in the art of Martial Arts.

Our students are our family, and that’s why our business carries our family name.


A Word From Kru Ed Thornton…

“Coach when can I fight?”

I get this question asked to me on a weekly basis from my fighters, prospective fighters, and people just walking in off the street. 90% of the time my answer will be simple: “When I tell you, that you are ready”. You are more than welcome to express your feelings that you want to fight. In fact this is greatly encouraged! However… when, where, and how that is determined by me and what I see you doing everyday inside and outside the gym.
So you want to fight?

1st: Express your intention to me !
2nd: Listen and heed the words that will follow during that initial conversation. This conversation may be long or short: it depends on the individual.
3rd: Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you ready? (At this moment to step in the ring/cage)
Have you been training?
– Ready to diet? (Are you close to our desired fight weight)
– Will you be training more for this fight (Have you stepped up your training?)
Are you ready to promote yourself? If you want to fight outside of a tournament, you are expected to promote yourself to sell a number of tickets to promote the promotion you are fighting for. It is a big part of the game! You can not just show up on fight day.
-Are you ready to sell tickets? This is a big part of it!
Are you able to set some time off to take care of medicals? (Doctor visit, blood work etc.) Don’t wait until the last minute and complain that you’re doing medicals while you’re cutting weight! By the way medicals… are not free!
Are you ready to cut weight? (Have we gone over the proper weight cut)
Have you collected all the proper equipment for your fight?
(Approved shin guards, head gear etc.)
Will you be holding yourself accountable for this fight?

You will get training, but are you expecting individual attention? If so, what is your commitment to the team after this fight?
If you want padwork you better be willing to feed pads to your teammates. If you want sparring partners you need to be there to prep them for their fights. Pay it forward because your time is coming.
There is a lot behind taking a fight… The whole team is involved when you take a fight. Fighting is a commitment far beyond just getting in the ring. Before you want to take a fight, be ready to answer all the questions listed above.

Every fight is scheduled directly by myself or my staff. Every match is approved by me to ensure an even match up as well as for your safety.

Words From Our Fighters…


Apply the discipline you learn through training into every aspect of your life. I have met plenty of students who were more talented than myself, but they lacked proper discipline in their life. So as the quote goes “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”, despite what you see on Instagram, the vast majority is undisciplined – become the exception

Paul Banasiak

If it crosses your mind, just do it. The worst thing to do is not do it, and imagine “what if”. Just try! Stay consistent, stay dedicated, and grind

William Knight

Big Thanks to Ed Thornton for giving me the passion and the love for the sport at the first stages of my martial arts career. I truly appreciate him. As people progress and grow, they tend to open up their wings and go for bigger and better things. I truly respect Ed, the team, and everyone surrounding the team

Stergos Mikkiou

The human body’s capabilities have consistently been a personal interest. We possess the capacity to achieve fulfillment through many art forms (not limited to martial arts). Aligning our minds, spirits, and will power has helped us evolve time and time again. How we perceive fulfillment motivates us to accomplish greatness. Discover, develop, and refine your form of art with confidence, knowledge of self, and PEACE of mind. The rest will fall in place

Jay Womack

Find a coach you mesh well with! It’s where you’ll learn the most from. Find someone who can explain everything inside and out and can also be empathetic with you. When you find that connection with a coach, they are more ready to handle helping you overcome any hurdles you may have in order to achieve goals

Parker Porter