Thornton Academy has built my confidence and strength. Without it I would not find out how much I love Muay Thai and Karate!
Kinga Swiecinsk

My daughter gained self-confidence thanks to karate classes. Muay thaiis her new adventure that she loves. She has become strong and knows that nothing is impossible. Thank you!
Beata Swiecinski

We joined the Thornton family in July 2020 signing our 8 year old daughter up for Muay Thai (Little Warriors). I can tell you for sure that this has been one of the most enjoyable extracurricular experiences for my daughter who in just a few months has grown both physically and mentally beyond what I could have hoped for as her mom and has really exceeded her own expectations on what she would learn and be able to achieve. The coaches are super supportive, encouraging and excellent role models; they have played a huge role in my daughter’s new found self-confidence. They demonstrate each activity, while providing a positive environment in which everyone can learn and have fun, all of this creating an environment where members of all abilities feel welcome and appreciated. While the expectation is not perfection they do expect respect, discipline and hard work and relay the importance of these values for life not just class. Outside of the coaches, the staff in general are amazing, I can message pretty much any time of the day and Kirslyn is right there with a response within minutes and always makes me feel appreciated. I LOVE thetransformation Thursday series Thortons does which showcases a member each week (including kids). For girl parents who are raising their daughters to be fierce, you can’t find better role models than the females at Thorntons. Thank you Thorntons, I am so glad we made this move and plan to be here for years to come!
Christine Peruccio

My son Kevin started at TMA in September of 2019 after taking karate classes at the YWCA with Mr. Jennings.Once we found out he was leaving the YWCA we followed him to TMA in order for Kevin to continue his journey. Kevin absolutely loves TMA and all the teachers, coaches & staff. He has learned to never give up. Never say I can’t & always try his best. I have seen my little boy grow into a responsible, respectful & disciplinedyoung boy. Kevin is now asking to continue his journey in Tang Soo Do while also wanting to branch out and try other programs. There is no other place like TMA & the TMA family.
Rebecca Cales

I just recently signed all 3 kids, my son and both daughters up to join the Thornton Martial Arts family a couple weeks ago and they LOVE it! I have 4 children so needed something to tire these kids out and soccer is only once a week. Thankfully Martial Arts is unlimited 4 classes a week for their age and even on the days I can’t bring them they are begging to go! After class they are ready for bedtime without me even asking! The coaches/teachers are amazing with the kids! They are very patient with the children and you can see the care they have for each and every one of them. Needless to say my kids won’t be going anywhere anytime soon! Thank you Thornton family for inviting my family with open arms!
Mandy Nicole

Thornton’s is incredible. Every time the bell rings, everyone is fully in training mode, and afterwards, the community is a real family. I’ve only been for a month, and honestly the change in my life is massive. 10/10 would recommend to anyone (beginner OR experienced) to come take a class! You’ll be hooked!
Paul Reed

I LOVE TMA! Every coach is professional and works with you at your level. When you train here it is like being a part of a family. Everyone is super nice and super helpful!
Sam Carias

The work ethic and training is unmatched. The instructors truly care about their craft and are eager to share their knowledge with others. It’s given Israel a better sense of purpose and allows him to be more disciplined in his day to day tasks. He now goes outside to protect his older sister when she brings the dog out and holds the door open when she comes back in. The skill set my son is learning and the ability to watch him grow and evolve in his craft each week.The staff is friendly, open and very engaging.Love you guys!!!
Athena Guess

TMA has helped me gain weight and gain muscle. The strength and conditioning classes have definitely helped me improve my overall performance in BJJ training, too!
Davud Saidov

They make you feel a part of something special.
Jani Perry

I keep coming back to TMA because of the people. From the coaches & staff to the teammates. Everyone is friendly, and motivating, which makes for a really fun training environment.
Tyler Gagnon

I’ve been doing some sort of Martial Arts since I was 5yrs old and then I got really involved in grappling around age 10. I had spenttime trying out lots of different gyms around CT but the one I was at mainly -my training was getting stagnant; I had hit a plateau in my competitions. About 3 years ago I decided to try TMA and my first competition after competing there I ended up winning finally! I grapple in tournaments roughly once a month and since coming to TMA I’ve won nearly every tournament I’ve competed in (with only 2-3 losses). I also did my first MMA fight under TMA which was a huge step for me because it’s something I’ve always dreamed of doing! The team aspect has really kept me here because I’ve never had that in all my years of training -I feel like I have a family. TMA has given me tons of people to look up to + tons of people who support me which has always been tough for me to find.
Tommi Bonomo

My favorite part about being a member at TMA has been being able to truly see myself improve: whether it be my endurance, strength, or technique.
Danny Acevedo