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We empower all of our students, regardless of what their training goals are, to strengthen the mind, body, and spirit through the practicing of Martial Arts and to provide each and every one of our students with self-confidence, great health and fitness, discipline, and the skills needed to defend themselves and succeed in life.
We keep the lines of communication open between Instructors, our students and their families to ensure that our school and Instructors are constantly improving. Our commitment to bringing quality instruction and training to our students of all ages is what sets us apart. We don’t only accept men, but also women and children into our school where they can learn and become comfortable in a safe and supportive environment. Our students are our family at Thornton Martial Arts and Fitness and that is why our business carries our family name.gs.

Family Friendly

At our school every student follows the same curriculum, however, each student has his/her own training path. We work at different paces; have different styles, abilities, and challenges. The essential lesson of our curriculum is to strive for your personal best. Confidence comes from embracing this lesson. It doesn’t matter if you kick higher or harder than others as long as you are kicking as high and hard as you can. Our training partners are here to support us, not to be our measure of achievement. Self-confidence makes students true training partners to one another as they support, assist, and cheer for their classmates to be their best, too. Doing your best and helping others to do the same is the truest expression of self-confidence!

Trainers and Instructors

Our instructors know how to motivate and inspire students to the best of their own physical ability, mental strength and develop their indomitable spirit. These developed skills become a valuable life tool that they can apply elsewhere in their own life experience.experience. Muay Thai, MMA & Jui-Jitsu are taught by accomplished competitors who have competed themselves and know what it takes to step in the ring, cage and on the mat. The material that is taught and presented is accurate and authentic. Our methods of training have proven to be effective! Unlike some studios, we have not gained our knowledge through instructional videos or seminars.

High-End Customer Service

Our goal is to create a sound foundation for children’s physical growth and psychological development through motivation and encouragement to instill in all of our students values such as self-control, discipline, self-respect, and respect for others. We strive to keep the lines of communication open between Instructors and our students and their families to ensure that our school and Instructors are constantly improving. Our commitment to bringing quality instruction and training to our students of all ages is what sets us apart from other Martial Arts schools.

Creative and Fun Workouts

Choosing and sticking with your fitness plan, Martial Arts program, and exercise routine doesn’t have to be a chore. At TMAAF we combine great music and enthusiastic instructors to keep you motivated, working hard, and having fun, all while getting you in to the best shape of your life! Having fun while learning, enjoying your instructors and classmates, and the sense of community and family will keep you coming back for more. When you enjoy the workouts, the sense of accomplishment, and the comradarie in our family-focused facility, you will be well on your way to developing a new and exciting lifestyle. A lifestyle we hope you will continue for years to come!

Personalized Attention

Everybody works at their own pace and ability. You are part of the family here, as are many of our members who bring multiple generations to the facility. We know your name, your skills, your goals, and your abilities. No matter what skill level you are or what your long-term goal is, your workouts are centered around you -not what everyone else is doing. You are the focus and we will work with you to design the perfect fitness program for your needs, whether that be to get into shape or as an athlete training for his/her next competition. It is important to stick with your program and we will do everything we can to keep you on track and will personally oversee your progress.

A Home Away From Home

With a facility catering to the needs of men, women, and children through our multi-disciplined staff and classes, we have developed a location that will feel more like home. We desire to provide a comfortable and encouraging area in which to workout, train, and learn, while at the same time allowing comfort and quiet for parents and families to wait while their children or other family members are exercising. Our waiting area is wi-fi enabled and has a television for entertainment. The parking lot has ample parking and is well lit. We provide locker rooms and showers for both men and women. We are a family run business who wants you to be part of our family. When you are here at our facility, we want you to be comfortable and enjoy your time with us. It’s a proven fact that if the atmosphere is inviting, you’ll be more likely to be here and stay consistent with your routine and program.