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Mar 6, 2014 | 1 comment

There are many opportunities to provide fitness programs and activities for your children. One great way to get kids involved is by signing them up for MMA classes for kids in your neighborhood.

Contrary to some belief, MMA Classes for kids are built upon a strong theory of respect for the instructors, the other students, and the child participating in kids MMA.

MMA for adults is a more intense cardio workout. This is not the purpose of kids MMA at all. Children can start MMA Classes for kids as young as three and four years old. They get to learn self-control, large muscle movement control, attention, respect, and patience.

Children are bombarded daily with a world and society full of changes, worries, and stress. Learning how to control their own thoughts, their bodies, and their minds through kids MMA will serve them well in their efforts to manage daily stresses. Introducing your child to mixed martial arts, karate, or any of the other appropriate martial arts disciplines at a young age will go a long way to build a strong foundation of self-esteem and self-respect.

Kids MMA

Mixed martial arts facilities have seen the value in providing excellent instructors and classes for people of all ages, abilities, and goals. Once an art practiced by true fighters and warriors, mixed martial arts is now taught as both a fitness regime and a competitive sport. It all depends on your goals and needs.

Children enjoy MMA Classes for Kids because the instructors are specifically trained in teaching young children the basics of kids MMA and are able to properly manage a class full of children. Kids learn how to properly use their bodies to engage in the various MMA forms, kicks, strikes, and moves.

Kids MMA teaches children how to develop a self-control over their bodies, their minds, and their thoughts through the teachers instruction.

TMAAF MMA Classes for Kids

At Thornton Martial Arts and Fitness, MMA classes for kids are offered Monday through Saturday with plenty of class times to suit just about anyone’s schedule.

Little Warriors Kids MMA is for children three to four years old. This specialized program introduces younger children to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Each student will learn techniques from Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling. Each student will develop eight skills: balance, control, coordination, discipline, focus, fitness, memory and teamwork. Classes consist of a warm-up, stretching, MMA techniques and games. Tang Soo Do is also offered for this age group.

Older children will benefit from MMA Classes for kids in several other choices. Five- to seven-year-olds can participate in Kickin’ Kids program which is a beginner program designed to help children transition into a traditional martial arts program while having lots of fun! Classes consist of a warm-up, stretching and martial arts to include techniques, self-defense, breaking, forms and games while still emphasizing respect.

Children over the age of eight can find classes in mixed martial arts, muay thai, and the traditional art of Cheezic Tang Soo Do. All classes have various schedules to fit your needs and encourage a world of growth and life skills necessary in today’s world.

Choosing an MMA Facility for Children

If you are considering signing your child (or children) up for mixed martial arts classes or any of the martial arts disciplines, be sure to personally visit the facilities in your area. You want to be sure that the instructors are well trained in their methods of teaching kids MMA, and that the MMA Classes for kids are well organized, safe, and fun.

You can learn a lot about a facility by simply visiting them, speaking directly with the instructors, and viewing various classes to ascertain how well the students, instructor, and classes are put together.

Be sure to call first and set up an appointment to view the facility and have a tour with the owners or staff. Once you have met with the facilities’ staff, ask permission to visit during a children’s class. You want to be sure your child will enjoy the activities and that the instruction will encourage your child to try his best.

MMA Classes for kids are an excellent fitness program that offers more than just an exercise outlet for children. As you’ve seen, kids MMA is instruction in proper body form and the eight skills of : balance, control, coordination, discipline, focus, fitness, memory and teamwork.

Check out this video of MMA classes for kids at Thornton Martial Arts and Fitness for a peek inside kids MMA.