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Feb 17, 2014 | 0 comments

Muay Thai, Thai Boxing, is one of the most popular martial arts currently being taught here in the States. A fighting/art form that dates back decades is bringing a new world of fitness to many people who are starved for a physical workout that addresses all their needs.

Muay Thai gyms are becoming more popular as this fitness and competitive sport attracts new people to it’s training.

Muay Thai gyms often offer classes in mixed martial arts and various forms of karate for their cleints. Mixed martial arts, as we know, is a combination of the best parts of several fighting methodologies such as Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, and Wrestling. Visiting a local mixed martial arts facility will provide you with some up-close and personal peeks at what actually goes on inside Muay Thai gyms, and whether this fitness activity will suit you.

Visit Muay Thai Gyms

It’s important, no matter what physical shape or fitness goals you might have, to visit several facilities before making a decision on the best one for you. Don’t choose a gym just for it’s locale or proximity to your home or business. Choose a training gym that will meet your needs both on a personal and physical level. Muay Thai gyms and other mixed martial arts facilities are run by trained, certified, and educated instructors who are ready to take on even the most basic beginner student and allow them the time and space to determine their fitness goals.

You will learn a whole new way of improving your fitness at Muay Thai gyms that you would not have thought possible. Even the most sedentary person can get started at a facility and in a short period of time find themselves more fit, healthier, stronger, and read to move forward with their training.

Find Muay Thai Gyms in Your Area

Muay Thai gyms in your area can be found in numerous way. There’s always the old-standby telephone book, but in this day and age, the best way to find Muay Thai gyms is to do a search on the computer for your location or area. There will be a good listing of the closest Muay Thai gyms and many have websites where you can browse through their photos, videos, learn about their instructors, their class schedules, costs, and location. Give them a call, set up a time where you can go to visit, perhaps watch a class in action, and examine the facility.

Another excellent way to locate Muay Thai gyms is to ask friends and business associates if they can recommend a facility that might suit your needs. The only caveat here is that what works for one person might not work for you. Facilities, instructors, fitness routines…all are very personal to the student. You might like a more competitive/competition oriented Muay Thai facility, or you may prefer a quieter, low key, beginners gym that caters to those of you just getting started. Either way, no matter what type of a facility best suits you, until you actually go to visit Muay Thai gyms in your area, you cannot just choose a name out of a hat.

Why You Should Plan a Visit to a Training Facility

Get to know the training gym’s mission, their goals, the instructors, and the expectations they have for you as a student. So much of this information can be learned online. You will see that Thornton Martial Arts and Fitness host their blog and website on the internet as well. Visit their website to view information on their instructors, classes, schedules, mission, and see the videos and images of their classes and students. Then take the time to go and visit to be sure this is the place for you.

Visiting a Muay Thai or martial arts facility should be on your “To-Do” list before signing up.

This goes for any fitness program you might be interested in. Take the time to do your research, talk to friends and associates about their experiences with particular training gyms, and be sure to make an in-person visit to check out how the gym is run. You want to be watching for safety equipment and that it is being used properly, cleanliness, personal facilities like showers, locker rooms, and the condition of the fitness equipment and the overall condition of the facility.

Muay Thai gyms are very active places which generally offer more than just Muay Thai classes. Beginners as well as advanced students are usually always welcome and a fitness/training program will be tailored exactly for you. Enjoy your journey in the world of martial arts and Muay Thai.