Tiny Tigers (Ages 5-6yrs) & Little Warriors (7-11yrs)

Our Tiny Tigers and Little Warriors programs offer our students an introduction to mixed martial arts. The classes for the kids are built with the foundation of Muay Thai in mind. The students first get started in class with a warm up that includes a mix of plyometrics and cardio to prepare the students for training. Once warmed up, the instructors will go through their daily lesson plan, step by step. Whether the kids are practicing a striking combination or a new skill, there’s always more to learn for our little ones! Although mixed martial arts itself is intense and intimidating we never lose focus that this is a kids introductory class and fun drives the instruction.

Muay Thai Teens (12-16yrs)

Our Teens class goes more in depth with Muay Thai concepts. The instructors cover more topics such as sweeps, the clinch, defensive tactics, and sparring. This class is overall more technical.

Muay Thai Fundamentals (for new members of the academy or members interested in learning about Muay Thai, 17yrs +)

This class will introduce you to traditional Muay Thai kickboxing. Class will begin with a cardio warm-up. Techniques will be taught and practiced including punching, kicking, elbows, knees, clenching and sweeps. Classes end with cardio designed to build endurance and strength. This fun and energetic class is perfect for anyone looking to get in a great workout or desiring to take it to the next level for competition…

Advanced Muay Thai

Our advanced Muay Thai program continues the training from our fundamentals class. Students who have improved to “graduate” into our advanced Muay Thai will be introduced to more technical skills, more clinching, and sparring. Increased cardio, endurance and strength also come with more training!

Tang Soo Do – Beginner & Advanced (5yrs old and up!)

Our Tang Soo Do class focuses on both real life self-defense scenarios and traditional martial arts technique and philosophy. Our program was designed to build up and improve your self-confidence through the development of martial arts skills and abilities. Our advanced class focuses on advanced self defense techniques to include situational awareness, street defense and ground defense. Emphasis will also be placed on refinement of forms, sparring, breaking and techniques. You’ll feel better and look better as you see improvement in your flexibility and fitness level! You’ll also notice a reduced level of stress giving you more energy to enjoy the rest of your life.

Strength and Conditioning

This class is a supplemental training class that develops physical qualities that can’t be optimized by practicing certain sports (Muay Thai, BJJ, etc). The quality of the movement and the efficiency of the mechanics are the primary focus of this class – ensuring the student has adequate mobility and stability to control movement patterns over a wide range of joint angles. Each day of the week will have a focused priority.. Upper body, lower body, core and stability, balance and mobility, etc. Remember… it takes time to build efficient movement patterns and to progressively build the athlete. The sooner you start, the more effective you’ll become!


Private Personal Training Sessions
TMA offers private training for individuals who may be looking for more one-on-one individualized attention! This is a great option for those who may have scheduling conflicts with our current class schedule, but don’t want that to be a roadblock in their training!
Privates are the perfect choice for individuals who may be interested in:

  • Learning self-defense and how to protect themselves
  • Improving their cardio and endurance through kickboxing and circuit training
  • Having that individual attention from a coach and learning at their own pace
  • Overall learning the art and background of Martial Arts


Massage Therapy… by appointment with Ms. Burns
Description: Bronwyn Burns is a licensed massage therapist, and learned her skill from The Connecticut Center For Massage Therapy in Newington, CT. Burns is particularly in tune with the needs of Martial Artists, as she has been a serious student of Tang Soo Do Karate for 7 years. She can provide massage therapy techniques designed for clients who either want a relaxing, soothing massage or the athlete whose muscles are sore from a training session. Burns has been practicing massage therapy for the past 3 years, and is also a member of the Healing Arts staff at West Hartford Yoga. She has been told many times by her clients that she has an intuitive ability to locate and alleviate deep and long standing muscular issues.

Offered Massage Styles:

Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Sports Massage
Hot Stone Massage

Hot Towel Massage (with or without Biofreeze)
Reiki and Energy Work