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Feb 5, 2014 | 0 comments

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Gyms are becoming increasingly popular and easy to find around the country. When one thought of martial arts, the only place that used to come to mind was the local karate studio.

Now, with the advent of a much stronger focus on fitness, MMA gyms can offer a wide variety of training in the mixed martial arts and provide you with an intensive and challenging fitness routine.

Mixed martial arts take into account the training and moves associated with Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, and Boxing. MMA gyms generally offer group classes and private training in the mixed martial arts with the focus on fitness, cardio levels, and building a stronger you, both mentally and physically.

Where To Find MMA Gyms

Although you may be tempted to browse through your local telephone book for MMA gyms near you, it is far more reliable to ask your friends and business associates for recommendations. MMA gyms offer many levels of classes including ones specifically for children, women, men, and for those looking to step up their training to the competitive level.

You will find a wide variety of people at the MMA gyms in your area and there is certainly to be a class that will suit you personally. Children often attend MMA gyms in classes taught by certified instructors who have a well-planned and designed curriculum in which they teach the children numerous activities that strengthen their bodies and their minds.

Men and women have found that MMA training is an extraordinary way to improve their overall fitness, learn some basic self-defense methods, and increase their self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-esteem. MMA gyms offer so much to each person individually, that martial arts training is becoming more popular than going to the old fashion gym to spend hours on the treadmill.

What Does MMA Training Look Like?

Although one attends MMA gyms to learn the ancient mixed martial arts, one also attends to build their physical fitness and improve their cardio levels. MMA gyms include basic and advanced fitness machines such as weights, treadmills, elipticals, medicine balls, and other equipment one would see at a fitness level gym. In order to engage your body in mixed martial arts, it is necessary to build your strength through the use of common equipment. MMA gyms are no different in that respect, but the focus is not on spending hours on fitness equipment as you may be used to elsewhere.

MMA gyms focus on teaching the qualities and movements required in mixed martial arts, generally through instructional classes. There are periods of warm up and cool downs where you will use the facility’s fitness machines and weights, but your main goal is to learn the mixed martial arts taught by the facility you have chosen.

Joining an MMA gym and setting up a plan with your instructor is the first step. Your instructor will tailor a warm up/strengthening routine for you to implement upon arrival at the facility. You will need to plan sufficient time to engage in the routine, and be ready to participate in the mixed martial arts class with other students at the appropriate time. This warm up period is most important to get your muscles warmed, stretched, and ready to work out with your class.

Your MMA gym instructor will advise you whether you need any particular safety equipment, clothing that is recommended to wear for training, and will lead you through your routine while you get used to it. MMA gyms offer plenty of experience through both the instructors and through fellow students and competitors who utilize the gym throughout the week.

Focus on Learning and Building Your Fitness

Remember to check out the potential MMA gyms in your area for a facility that suits your needs. Meet the instructors, see the facility and check for cleanliness, safety, equipment, and watch a class or two to see if what is being taught is right for you.

If you’re in the Hartford, Connecticut area you can check out Thornton Martial Arts and Fitness for their classes and visit the facility at your convenience. MMA gyms can offer a variety of classes, fitness routines, and instructors that will work with you closely to help you reach your goals.