Martial Arts Fitness Center East Hartford, CT. Call (860) 289-1662

Our Martial Arts Fitness Center

5,000 Square Feet!!!!

Thornton Martial Arts and Fitness, Sityodtong Connecticut, is now located at 701 Main Street, East Hartford, CT 06108.

We have obtained a unique location that is ideal for the combination of martial arts programs and classes to be held under one roof. Our location is easily accessible from both Interstates 84 and 91. CONTACT US

Kick’in Kids

5 - 7 Years Old


We offer parents the convenience of a very flexible schedule Monday through Saturday with a wide variety of days and times to choose from. Even someone with the most hectic schedule will be able to find class times to suit their schedule with us.

Personal Fitness Training East Hartford, CT. Call (860) 289-1662



We provide a professional facility at 701 Main Street, East Hartford, CT; along with a friendly teaching and training team. Whether you want personal fitness training, nutritional advice, to learn a martial art, or just searching for an extreme workout our school will provide an empowering, safe and supportive environment.


Family Karate Programs East Hartford, CT. Call (860) 289-1662

Family Karate

8 yrs & up

Our students receive vigorous physical training, which improves health, coordination, and overall athletic ability. But, the real strength we develop through our family karate training comes from within. Inner-strength provides the ability to stay positive, focused, and to persevere.


Fitness Goals?

Karate Fitness Kickboxing

Our fitness kickboxing classes combine high energy music with the kicks, punches and strikes of kickboxing for the ultimate conditioning workout. You'll see greater muscular definition, improved cardiovascular fitness, greater flexibility, and let's not forget, the ability to protect yourself.

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Muay Thai

Our Muay Thai classes are full-body workouts which hone your skills and develop your power inside and outside the cage.

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Martial Arts

Our program was designed to build up and improve your self-confidence through the development of martial arts skills and abilities.

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Brazilian Jui-Jitsu

Students engage in lessons to learn how to use Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu principles from various positions on the ground with their trainer or partner.

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Personal Training

Whether you just want to get in shape, or are an athlete getting ready for an event, or a fighter prepping for your next fight, our personal trainers can customize a program to reach your goals.

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Thornton Martial Arts and Fitness
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