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Thornton Martial Arts and Fitness offers high quality martial arts instruction to help you achieve your goals whether it is physical fitness, self-defense or a desire to compete. Our goal is to provide you with the training that you deserve to help you attain your fitness goals, self-confidence and personal fulfillment

Little Warriors Muai Thai

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Why Self Defense Training is Important?

Statistics continually tell us that women are more likely to be victims of violent crimes. Women are often targeted because of the preconception that women are less likely to fight…

Kid Friendly Karate | Why Martial Arts 

Getting our children out to participate in these programs is an awesome way to encourage physical fitness, self-control, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

Muay Thai vs MMA in Connecticut

This high energy fun class focuses on teaching basic traditional Muay Thai techniques while improving your muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance.

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