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What Is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai — The Art of Eight Limbs — was called by various names in the early days, including Muay boran, pahuyuth, Toi muay, or simple muay.

This was a fighting technique used in actual warfare, but became a sport where opponents fought in front of spectators just like modern day boxing and wrestling.

The Muay Thai fights became popular at many festivals and celebrations throughout Thailand and were a great source of entertainment for the local people.

Like all martial arts, Muay Thai is a sport that requires physical and mental discipline. It is a combat sport that is practiced standing up (unlike wrestling) and uses the power and speed of fists, elbows, knees, shins, and feet. A practitioner or fighter in Muay Thai must have an extremely advanced fitness and mental capacity to compete in a match or sanctioned fight.

Muay Thai Classes in Connecticut

Muay Thai was taught in one of two techniques. The two main techniques were called mae mai which stands for major techniques, and luk mai which are the minor techniques. Muay Thai classes in Connecticut are held at such gyms as Thornton Marshal Arts which offers Muay Thai classes in the traditional sport, a Cardio Muay Thai class the focuses on teaching basic techniques, and a Little Warriors childrens’ class where basic MMA techniques are taught to young children.

Deciding to learn Muay Thai is an important decision and one that is best considered with the assistance of a professional Muay Thai instructor such as you will find at Muay Thai Classes in Connecticut and with Thornton Martial Arts where you can meet the likes of Ed Thornton, Lynda Thornton, and Kevin Ortiz who will take the time to assess your ability, current level of fitness, and work toward designing a program to suit your goals.

Whether you’re looking for a cardio workout, a fitness program that involves something more demanding, or you are considering training to be competitive in Muay Thai, signing up Muay Thai Classes in Connecticut would be a wise choice. Professional instructors who have been there, done that will lead the classes and as you develop additional skills and abilities, you will have the option to take your training to a higher level.

Modern Day Muay Thai

Today Muay Thai has been adjusted to allow suitability for competition. As the sport was initially a warfare/combat skill that employed the human body as a weapon of destruction, changes needed to be made in order to allow the science of Muay Thai to actually be a sport. By the beginning of the twentieth century, boxing gloves, weight classes, times limits and rounds were instituted to ensure the fighters’ safety as they participated in the sport.

Modern Day Muay Thai holds a history that reaches back thousands of years and provides a rich and varies past that Muay Thai practitioners hold dear as they follow in the footsteps of the old masters.

Remember, Muay Thai is a combat sport that utlizes the fists, arms, shins, elbows, knees and even the feet to inflict blows on the opponent. This is not a sport to be taken lightly or practiced without professional and well-trained instructors. You can find excellent Muay Thai Classes in Connecticut at Thornton Martial Arts.

“A sport, a martial art and undeniably an art form, the combative science of Muay Thai, known throughout the world as Thai boxing, is the national sport of Thailand. The roots of Muay Thai reach back thousands of years, and the history of Muay Thai is an important link to the history of Thailand. The Royal Thai Army has always used Muay Thai to protect Thailand’s borders from invaders. Muay Thai is most effective in hand to hand combat and utilizes all the body’s natural weapons.

From powerful punches, furious kicks, piercing knee strikes to crushing elbows and skillful grappling, Muay Thai has it all.

Practitioners of Muay Thai, known as Nak Muay, have proven the effectiveness of their art in competitions around the world. Men, women, and children in over 80 countries have turned to Muay Thai as an effective means developing physical fitness and effective self-defense techniques. Its devastating effectiveness has gained the respect of martial artists worldwide” (Sityodtong).

Head Out To The Gym

Learning Muay Thai will require a strong desire to be physically fit and mentally challenged as you progress through the Muay Thai classes in Connecticut at Thornton Martial Arts. May you find the desire, fortitude, and personal achievement you seek through this ancient martial art that will propel you forward in all your endeavors.

Visit Thornton Martial Arts and Fitness at 95 Park Street, Hartford, Connecticut and join one of the best Muay Thai classes in Connecticut.