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Jan 20, 2014 | 0 comments

The New Year is upon us and like many other people the world over, you’ve probably made some New Year’s resolutions or goals to attain this year.

The most popular goal is to improve your health and fitness levels. This is where good MMA training gyms come in handy.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is an amazing sport that utilizes all your muscle groups, and pushes you to use your mind as well as your body to improve your physical fitness and overall health. Finding MMA training gyms is as simple as looking in your local telephone book or doing a search in your favorite search engine to locate the MMA training gyms nearest to you.

MMA Training Gyms | What to Look For

When you are ready to make the plunge to join a class or gym facility to learn Mixed Martial Arts (MMA training gyms), you want to be sure the gym you choose is suited for your personal needs. Many MMA training gyms are geared to training “fighters” for ring matches, but offer classes in various martial arts for all levels and ages.

Thornton Martial Arts and Fitness is a training gym in Hartford, Connecticut that offers several MMA classes, as well as Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) and children’s martial arts classes. Visit their page at Thornton Martial Arts to see the full range of classes provided.

Martial Arts, in its simplest form, is the training of the mind and body to utilize various physical moves (strikes, kicks, punches) to block an opponent. You use your mind to focus and strategize the appropriate moves to make in order to protect yourself and to block or strike your partner.

When visiting MMA training gyms, be sure to confirm that the instructors are well-trained, have necessary certifications, and give you a choice as to whom you wish to work with as a trainer. If you are a beginner in martial arts, check for beginner’s classes in martial arts or Muay Thai that allow you to learn at a pace that suits your physical wellness.

MMA is intensive in the physical expectations, but learning properly from a well-trained and certified trainer will provide you with the necessary foundation to build on. MMA training gyms should be well-lit, provide safety equipment like helmets, body protectors, and gloves, and the atmosphere should be one of people working hard to improve their efforts. You may actually have to purchase your own equipment at some facilities due to health concerns.

What You’ll Find at MMA Training Gyms

MMA Training Gyms should have various areas within the facility for strength training, endurance training, sparring areas, and restroom facilities. Like any other training facility, MMA training gyms have various exercise options such as elliptical trainers, treadmills, weights, medicine balls, and other forms of strength, endurance, and muscle trainers.

The main area of the gym is generally covered in mats and this is where your classes most likely will take place. Working on mats provides a bit of a cushion and some buoyancy as you move about and learn the basic footwork needed in mixed martial arts training. MMA training gyms provide various classes in martial arts where you will find a particular model that best suits your needs.

Thornton Martial Arts and Fitness in Hartford, Connecticut provides classes in MMA, Muay Thai, and Tang Soo Do. They have classes specifically designed for children as young as 3 to 4 (Little Warriors MMA and Little Ninjas Tang Soo Do) and right up to adult classes with an emphasis on training you to be the best you can be.

Why You Need MMA Training Gyms

Mixed Martial Arts is a mixture of some of the oldest forms of martial arts and as such require that you learn from master martial arts trainers. You can opt to have personal training at any point, but certainly being part of a class at any of the MMA training gyms in your area will do far more to teach you proper form and movement. You’ll be able to watch and learn from other participants, listen to questions posed by your classmates, and learn in an environment that encourages each person to stretch themselves to their limits.

Thornton Martial Arts and Fitness in Hartford, Connecticut is a well-thought out facility with excellent trained instructors, numerous classes to suit most any need, and equipment that is well suited for beginners through advanced martial arts enthusiasts. Be sure to visit their website and facility at your convenience. Class listings can be seen at the Thornton Martial Arts and Fitness page HERE.