Muay Thai AdvanceMuay Thai BeginnerKicking Kids – Martial Arts ProgramLittle Ninjas – Martial Arts Program

Muay Thai Advance

13 yrs & up

Our Muay Thai classes are full-body workouts which hone your skills and develop your power inside and outside the cage. You will jump rope, shadow box, circuit train, work on various bags and do one-on-one pad work with trainers as well as partner drills. You will be learning and improving skills and techniques that can be used in the ring and real life situations.

Muay Thai Beginner

13 yrs & up

Our Muay Thai Beginner Program consist of high energy music with the kicks, punches and strikes for the ultimate conditioning workout. This is essential while teaching the basic Muay Thai functions to prepare our students both in and out of the cage

Kicking Kids - Martial Arts Program

5 to 7 Yrs

Obesity is at an all time high in our country, even for children. We are aware of this issue and have our students performing kicking drills, going through obstacle courses and other activities that make getting in shape fun!

Little Ninjas - Martial Arts Program
3 to 4 Yrs

These 30 minute sessions focus on improving the young children's concentration and enhancing their attention span. We want them to learn how to pay attention and follow directions. Next, we work on fun drills that develop and strengthen motor skills (balance, coordination, agility, etc.).