Our Children stated with this program around the ages 3. Awesome program for the kids development. We are pleased with the services, facility, and Staff

Little Ninjas: Eight core skills will be taught, Focus, Fitness, Balance, Teamwork, Control, Discipline Memory and Coordination within the structure of the class. Classes will consist of fun warm-up’s that includes basic stretching. The introduction of basic karate techniques of kicking, punching, blocks, self-defense, break falling, rolling, and even board breaking. Techniques are reinforced through the use of motivation, fun and games. Students will gain confidence, listening skills, self-control, and goal setting. It is a jammed packed session of movement and fun.

Age Group : For Ages 3- 4 Years Old.

Days And Time :  Tuesday and Thursday – 5:00pm – 5:30pm

Length of Class: 30 minutes